Special finishing: corten steel, bronze, copper, brass, zinc, titanium, rust corten, corten steel
Special finishing: corten (rust corten), steel, copper, zinc, brass, titanium, bronze.
Range of special design finishing achived by application of both metal powders and beeswax or transparent resin, polished or matt (spot proof), suitable both for interior and exterior.
These special finishings are executed on all the materials: alu, steel, iron, pvc, mdf, particle board, cement, obtaining the natural metal effect that can be satin, burnished, polished according to the customer's request.

SINTESI LUXURY performs workmanships on both raw and galvanized materials for heavy, medium and light metallic carpentry, both accessories and trinkets of any kind (accessories for gates,window and door frames,furnishings, shop fitting,shaped metal sheet and similar).

Here in the following we reassume shortly our workmanships:

Copper, brass, bronze, steel, titanium finishing: they can be laid off on any support.
Rust corten finishing: oxidation of both corten and standard steel with natural products: it can be laid off on metals, hard woods, mdf, concrete, ceramic “gres” and terra cotta.
Priming using both powders and liquido rustproof enamels (with zinc primer) and using inorganic zinc products too.
Special Design Finishing